FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is this the Official Web Site for Spalding Gray?
A: Yes. Spalding approved to have this as the official site before his passing. Now, his Estate approves the site.

Q: Is the Webmaster a volunteer?
: Yes, I am strictly a volunteer. The Estate pays for the hosting costs. Other volunteers are welcome. Please write.

Q: Can I contact the Estate through this site?
: Generally yes. If you write to me, the webmaster AND the question/request is reasonable, I do my best to handle the matter myself. However, sometimes questions need to be run by the Estate. Spalding's Estate (and this site) are dedicated to the memory of Spalding and is very good at answering. However, they are busy so sometimes a response is not possible. Please note that I NEVER give out the email address of the Estate.

Q: Why did Spalding commit suicide?
A: We all wish we knew. Spalding did have a history of periodic depression. However, I believe that he never recovered from head injuries suffered in a car accident in Ireland. On Jan.10, 2004, it is assumed that he jumped from the Staten Island ferry in NYC. His body was found 2 months later.

Q: How does one get permission to perform one of Spalding's monologues or the play Stories Left to Tell?
A: Performance rights for most of Spalding's well known monologues are now available. Please have people contact Dramatic Publishing at 815 338-7170. They can also apply for rights directly at Dramatic Publishing.

Q: When will the Documentary by Steven Soderbergh be released?
A: As of 04/2010, the Documentary And Everything is Going Fine is playing at Film Festivals
Check 'Fine' on side bar on this site for latest info. Limited Theatrical release Dec.10, 2010
IFC On Demand Dec. 22nd, 2010
Foreign film Festival showings continue
- see the 'Fine' page on this site for further details
The best way to find out is to write via Contact to join the Mailing List.

Q: Will there be a Box Set of Spalding's work released?
A: Plans to release ALL his monoloques (even the rare and previously unreleased) are tentatively planned for 2011.
The best way to find out is to write via Contact to join the Mailing List.

For all other questions, please use the Contact link on sidebar. I answer all emails, usually within 48 hours. To make sure your email is not filtered for spam, ensure that 'Spalding Gray' is part of the subject line.